Elaborate on the purpose of the rubber band

Last update: 2020-10-29

What are the fun and practical USES of the ordinary rubber band? Here are all of them:Keep food fresh - Seal a bag of chips, salad strips, or bread flour with a rubber band to keep it fresh.Act as a reminder - Tie a rubber band to a special page of a docu

What are the fun and practical USES of the ordinary rubber band? Here are all of them:

Keep food fresh - Seal a bag of chips, salad strips, or bread flour with a rubber band to keep it fresh.

Act as a reminder - Tie a rubber band to a special page of a document (you can also tie it to the cover to avoid wrinkles) or an elastic band is worn around your wrist to remind you to do something.

Rubber pad - Put a pair of rubber bands on the TV remote control or ashtray to avoid slipping or scratching the table.

Keep things together - like pencils or tape are index CARDS. This is obvious.

Bookmark - Wrap a rubber band around the front cover and the middle of the page you just read. The next time you open a book, the first page that isn't wrapped in a rubber band is the one you finished reading last time.

hair cord - maybe you can use it for a ponytail.

bundles of paper or poster - Roll up the paper or poster and wrap it with a rubber band for good storage.

Seat belt for the eye - Cut the rubber band open and tie two of them to the two eyeglass legs attached to the ear. If the rubber band is short enough, you can keep the glasses on your face.

 Exercise your fingers - Put your fingers together through the rubber band, spread them out, and gather them together. Or, tie your index finger to your little finger with a rubber band and move your index finger away from the other fingers. Repeat the process with the other fingers.

Make a handle - Wrap multiple rubber bands around one end of a bar or stick to make a handle.

Secure the lid of the container - If you don't want anything to spill, just wrap a rubber band around the lid.

Quick mark - are these batteries in my bag charged or uncharged? Mark it with a rubber band so you don't have to guess anymore. Mark each group with a different color or a special number of rubber bands so you can distinguish the different groups of items.

Stress-relieving Rubber Band Balls - If made soft enough, the rubber band ball is the perfect pressure-relieving squeeze toy. You can use it to vent when you are upset.

Mark the volume of liquid in a colored solid container - Take a paint can as an example. Before you close the lid, wrap a rubber band around the outside of the can at the same level as the paint inside. The next time you need it, you'll know how much paint you have left at a glance.

Slingshot/Catapult - This is a toy that every kid loves to make out of rubber bands, but if you think it's hard to make a slingshot, I'm sure there are other practical ways to do it.

Simple art - Using a small nail board, draw rubber bands of different shapes and colors until all the pins have been used at least once. It's fun, creative and easy to do.

Bandage injured finger - when a finger is pricked or cut with cardboard, wrap a rubber band around the injured finger until the wound heals.

Melt it and use it as an adhesive - It's not glue, but when you melt a rubber band you make a very effective adhesive.

Distraction - During the famous rubber band grab, shoot a rubber band across the room so that it hits something that makes a sound or attracts the attention of the fooled. When they look at the other side, you can move on.

Tie-dye - This style went out of fashion in the 70s, but who CARES - the do-it-yourself process is like a party. If you have children, it will be easier and more creative.

Prevent the stirring spoon from sliding into the pot - wrap a rubber band around the top of the spoon's handle where it touches the edge of the pot. Now the spoon will not slide and slide into the pot.

Isolating current - The rubber band ACTS as an insulator at low wattage, so you can wrap the rubber band around the exposed wire core (when no current is on).

Design fancy Easter eggs - Wrap a rubber band around the egg in different directions before putting the egg into the dye. This will make an interesting design on the egg.

 Pencil eraser - Fold the rubber band in half a few times. It is very useful to use it to erase pencil marks.

Secure your documents in the Manila folder - The Manila folder is a very useful tool for organizing documents, unless you lose a folder. Because the Manila folder is just a sleeve, the files will be scattered all over the place. Rubber bands can solve this problem immediately.

Prevent Dogs and cats from destroying toilet paper - Dogs and cats love to destroy. Toilet paper is their favorite thing. Wrap a rubber band around the toilet paper to keep it from dangling all the time.

 To hold the lid - Place a thick rubber band around the edge of the lid and use it to hold the lid when unscrewed.

Limit the amount of soap dispensing - put a rubber band around the neck of the pump soap dispenser to limit the amount of soap dispensing.

Car visor receipt holder - Wrap several rubber bands around the car driver's side visor. Slip your cluttered receipts, parking tickets, etc. Into it quietly until you have time to sort them out.

 Keep wires or yarn free of tangles - put a rubber band around them before they tangle out of control.

Prevent children from opening cupboards - Use a rubber band to wrap tightly around the left and right handles of the cupboards so they are locked in place.

Rubber Band cars - Using rubber bands for kinetic energy, I'll explain rubber band cars using PBS.

 Draw a straight line - Stretch the rubber band and draw a perfect straight line along it.

Paint wiper - Stretch the rubber band completely over the open paint can so it keeps the paint over the opening. Instead of mucking up the outside of the paint pot, wipe off excess paint from the rubber band.

The brand new baseball glove is stiff. First, it must be an effective tool for capturing the ball. Bend the leather, hit it with a rubber hammer, touch the shaving cream over the entire glove, place the ball inside the glove, and wrap the entire glove with a rubber band. Let it wait for a while to form a ball. Repeat every few days as necessary.

 Keep peeled apples fresh - This one seems strange, but I've tried it and it works really well. Peel and cut the apples into wedges. Gather all the apple pieces together and wrap them in a clean rubber band so that the apple feels like a whole again. This slows the Browning time by 50% compared to just putting the apple in a sandwich bag.

Orthodontic bite - When the opposite ends of the upper and lower mandible are stretched for a period of time, the strength of the rubber band can correct the slight overbite. Orthodontists usually combine this method with the sling method

A wallet Replacement - Does your wallet always stick out of your pants pocket? Throw it away. Wrap your ID in cash and wrap the cash around a rubber band.

Repair broomsticks - Isn't the bristle a little frayed? Hold them in place. Hold the broom in place with a thick rubber band around the middle of the tail.

Create friction between two smooth planes - Spreading more than one rubber band between two smooth planes will create friction between two smooth planes.